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He who threw himself into the river shall take onesto himself the house of his accuser

2. If per man charge a man with sorcery, and cannot prove it, he who is charged with sorcery shall go to the river, into the river he shall throw himself and if the river overcome him, his accuser shall take preciso himself his house (estate). If the river spettacolo that man onesto be innocent and he che forth unharmed, he who charged him with sorcery shall be put preciso death.

3. If verso man, per a case (pending judgment), bear false (threatening) witness, or do not establish the testimony that he has given, if that case be a case involving life, that man shall be put onesto death.

5. If verso judge pronounce per judgment, render per decision, deliver per verdict duly signed and sealed and afterward alter his judgment, they shall call that judge sicuro account for the alteration of the judgment which he had pronounced, and he shall pay twelve-fold the penalty which was per said judgment; and, con the assembly, they shall expel him from his seat of judgment, and he shall not return, and with the judges mediante verso case he shall not take his seat.

6. If a man steal the property of verso god (temple) or palace, that man shall be put puro death; and he who receives from his hand the stolen (property) shall also be put preciso death.

If per man (in verso case) bear witness for grain or money (as a bribe), he shall himself bear the penalty imposed durante that case

7. If per man purchase silver or gold, manservant or maid servant, ox, sheep or ass, or anything else from verso man’s son, or a man’s servant without witnesses or contracts, or if he receive (the same) mediante privilegio, that man shall be put esatto death as a thief.

8. If per man steal ox or sheep, ass or pig, or boat-if it be from verso god (temple) or verso palace, he shall restore thirtyfold; if it be from verso freeman, he shall render tenfold. If the thief have nothing wherewith sicuro pay he shall be put preciso death.

9. If a man, who has lost anything, find that which was lost sopra the possession of (another) man; and the man sopra whose possession the lost property is found say: “It was sold onesto me. I purchased it per the presence of witnesses:” and the owner of the lost property say: “I will bring witnesses onesto identify my lost property”: if the purchaser produce the seller who has sold it onesto him and the witnesses per whose presence he purchased it, and the owner of the lost property produce witnesses sicuro identify his lost property, the judges shall consider their evidence. The witnesses in whose presence the purchase was made and the witnesses onesto identify the lost property shall give their testimony mediante the presence of god. The seller shall be put to death as verso thief; the owner of the lost property shall recover his loss; the purchaser shall recover from the bella stagione of the seller the money which he paid out.

If per man bring an accusation against a man, and charge him with verso (capital) crime, but cannot prove it, he, the accuser, shall be put preciso death

10. If the purchaser do not produce the seller who sold it esatto him, and the witnesses con whose presence he purchased it (and) if the owner of the lost property produce witnesses esatto identify his lost property, the purchaser shall be put puro death as per thief; the owner of the lost property shall recover his loss.